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Series Eleven Edit

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Series 11 kicked off to a great start with Janey's Choice (With Janey having to decide whether or not to marry either Craig, Mark or Roger). But unfortunately A Night Out was postponed due to wimbledon. Next week we saw Labour Pains (with Ben getting promoted, then demoted, plus Janey and Susan fought over the same monkey). Following this we saw Accusin' Susan (Susan being accused of harrassment). Then we had Germs of Endearment (Susan and Ben are given a holiday by Janey and Michael, but are put under quarentine due to a virus outbreak in the UK). After that we had Harper Vs Harper (Which see's Ben and Susan separating and sharing of the house). Next we had Relationship Happens (In which Michael and Janey are fighting for the attention of Michael's new boyfriend). Then we had 'Booked (Where Ben is away on a dental programme in the Columbian rainforest and Susan joins Facebook). After this we had A Decent Proposal (Which see's Grace's Funeral, the return of Susan's father: Arthur, and an amazing offer she can hardly refuse). This week's episode Darts All, Folks (sees Ben find out he is not quite the darts player his father was). Then We'll have Susan For A Brusin' (Seeing Susan prepare for a School reunion and she decides to "Cavitox"). Finally we will have A Night Out (In which Janey and Susan go to a hen night, Roger goes on a date and Ben stays at home with Kenzo). And that will be the end of the ultimate My Family series...following this we get the final Christmas Special and final episode: Specials.

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