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All the titles used for a christmas special

First Special

Ding Dong Merrily

Last Special



Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Nick Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Abi Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Kenzo Harper
Grace Riggs
Alfie Butts
Ches Rochester jnr.[1]
Richard Harper[1]
Craig Willoughby[1]
Scott Marsh[1]
Alexander Casey[1]

Series with Specials

Series Three
Series Four
Series Five
Series Six
Series Seven
Series Eight
Series Nine
Series Ten
Series Eleven
Series Twelve

The specials began on 25 December 2002 and have continued through to 2011. The Harper family Christmas's are partiulary bad, and usually end in an argument. In the first special Janey comes home from University pregnant, in the second special they are stuck in the london underground, in the third special Janey gets engaged, in the comic relief special the family end up in Ben and Susans room during a thunder-storm, in the fourth special Susan is celebrating Kenzo's birthday on Christmas Eve, in the fifth special Ben is pretending to be ill (to avoid Christmas) and Susan takes him to hospital (only to be taken in for high blood pressure), in the sixth special Susan and Ben go away alone (although Susan has secretly invited the whole family), in the seventh special Ben and Susan get locked in the shopping centre and some pretty risque photos are recieved (instead of the family ones Alfie, Michael and Janey wanted), in the eighth special the family in the future remember two of their worst Christmas's, in the ninth special to famous faces pop up as Susan and Mr. Casey go head to head, and in the tenth christmas special (yet to be aired) nobody knows what to expect as we say goodbye to the Harpers. Will Nick and Alfie return[2]? And what lies in store for us in the last ever episode?


Many Characters from the series have appeared, and some are new such as; Alfie Butts and the Vicar. But Ben, Susan, Nick, Janey, Michael, Abi, Kenzo and Roger have appeared the most. With characters like Grace Riggs, Alexander Casey, Craig Willoughby and Scott Marsh appearing only a few times.




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