Series Three
100x100-3rd series
Series 3 titles

Starting Date

6 September 2002

Ending Date

25 December 2002


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Nick Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Abi Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.


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Series 3 is the third series of My Family, the BBC One show. It began on the 6 September 2002 and ended on the 12 December 2002, it was followed by the first Christmas special on the 25 December 2002. The series begins with Janey leaving for University in Manchester, Ben and Susan both have plans for Janey's old room. But Susan becomes fed up, due to being the only female in the house, and invites Abi to stay (Ben's first cousin once removed). Abi is very clumsy and annoys Ben quite a lot. This series also sees Roger Bailey jnr. for the first time, Ben goes to his old mentor Roger Bailey snr. for some dental work only to find his son (but Roger treats Ben like a child). Nick tries even more jobs like shelf stacker, a magician, a female impersonator, taxi driver, exorcist and a bar attendent. He also moves out. Michael tries his best to get a girlfriend, and Janey comes home for Ben's birthday and appears to be a lesbian (is she really?). This series sees lots of ups and downs for the entire family.



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