Series One
100x100-1st series
Series 1 & 2 titles

Starting date

19 September 2000

Ending date

7 November 2000


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Nick Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Brigitte Mckay[1]




Series Two



Series 1 marked the start of one of the most popular BBC comedy, it saw the appearence of Ben, Susan, Nick, Janey and Michael Harper. It began on the 19 September 2000 and ended on the 7 November 2000.


The series follows the lives of the disfunctional Harpers'. Nick the oldest of the children is very laid back and is a layabout (often annoying his father, Ben), Janey is the second eldest but is shallow and only interested in herself, Michael is often considered a geek and constantly outsmarts the family, Susan is a control-freak who is a terrible cook and Ben who is almost constantly miserable and the main breadwinner of the household. Ben has a dental assistant who is very forgetful and has a wierd way of thinking, called Brigitte. Though the family is disfunctional, they all get along well and care about each other (even if it is buried deep within). Nick is constantly losing his job, Janey has a different boyfriend every week seemingly, and Michael busies himself with work or using his computer.


Primary CastEdit


Secondary CastEdit

  • Karine Adrover as Isabelle
  • Brian Pettifer as Graham Hodder
  • Janine Duvitski as Louise Hodder
  • Peter Blythe as Lord Whitton
  • Orlando Wells as Young Whitton
  • Duncan Preston as Bernard
  • Rowena Cooper as Joan
  • John Arthur as Peter
  • Emma Pike as Chloe
  • Neil Conrich as Stuart
  • Nick Stringer as Mitch
  • Roger Sloman as Police Officer
  • Karl Glenn Stimpson as Layabout
  • Rebecca Ashford as Girl
  • Rupert Vansittart as Mr Quince
  • Anna Keaveney as Mrs Dudley
  • Amy Phillips as Emily
  • Gary Lilburn as Vicar
  • Phillip Manikum as Patient
  • Rosie Wiggins as Michelle
  • Jeff Shankley as Boss
  • Pippa Haywood as Doreen
  • Martina Laird as Dr Kelly
  • Ronnie Fox as Bartender
  • Phillip Manikum as Mr Briggs
  • Baz Taylor as Man in Pub



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