Series Four
100x100-4th series
Series 4 titles

Starting Date

21 March 2003

Ending Date

25 December 2003


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Nick Harper
Michael Harper
Abi Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Kenzo Harper
Richard Harper[1]


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Series 4 is the fourth series of the hit BBC One show. It began on the 21 March 2003 and ended on the 13 June 2003, it was followed by the second Christmas special on the 25 December 2003. This series was the first not to feature Janey and the first to feature Kenzo Harper. In this series Nick becomes a film extra, part of a science experiment, a wrapping artist (using brown paper) and a water seller. Michael joins the cadets, Ben has to write Susan another poem, Susan decides to turn Nick's room into a nursery for Kenzo only to let Nick move back in and Abi is just Abi. This series sees the second appearence of Grace Riggs, Susan's mother. Also this series is the first to feature Guest Stars' and Celebrity Guests.



[1] See Others for details.

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