Series Five
100x100-5th series
Series 5 titles

Starting Date

19 March 2004

Ending Date

25 December 2005


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Nick Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Abi Harper
Kenzo Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Alfie Butts
Grace Riggs
Ches Rochester jnr.[1]


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Series 5 is the fifth series of the hit BBC One show. It started on the 19 March 2004 and ended on the 18 June 2004, it was followed by a Christmas special on the 24 December 2004, a Comic Relief special on the 11 March 2005 and a Christmas special on the 25 December 2005. It saw the last appearence of Nick, the return of Janey and the first appearence of Alfie Butts. Nick has moved out and into a new flat, Janey has been thrown out of college, Abi is still Abi, Roger still hasn't asked Abi out yet, Janey gets married to Ches Rochester jnr. and divorsed on the same day. Grace is collecting men and misjudges how deaf one of them is and loses them all. The family seem exactly the same, and Ben is annoyed with Janey coming back and then Alfie moving in. Susan wants to celebrate Kenzo's birthday on Christmas Eve, before his actual birthday, all because she forgot Janey's third birthday.



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