Series Eleven
100x100-11th series
Series 10 & 11 titles

Starting Date

17 June 2011

Ending Date

December 2011


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Janey Harper
Craig Willoughby[1][2]
Kenzo Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Michael Harper
Nick Harper (rumoured)[3]
Alfie Butts (rumoured)[3]
Mark Jameson[1][2]
Arthur Riggs


Series Ten

Series 11 Promo Pic

Series Eleven is the final series of My Family, following the BBC's decision to axe the show. It featured 2 episodes that were released with series Ten on DVD, and 9 episodes for Series Eleven. The series began on 17th June 2011 and finished on 2nd September 2011.

BBC One controller Danny Cohan said: "Now that all the Harper children have fled the nest we feel it's time to make room for new comedies".


season 12 new episodes of Michael Harper and Scott Marsh's relationship and their wedding and honeymoon



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