Series Eight
100x100-8th series
Series 8 titles

Starting Date

11 April 2008

Ending Date

24 December 2008


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Abi Harper
Kenzo Harper
Alfie Butts
Roger Bailey jnr.
Alexander Casey[1]


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Series 8 is the eighth series of the long running BBC One show. This series began on 11 April 2008 and ended on 23 May 2008, it was followed by a Christmas special on 24 December 2008. This series saw Abi leave Roger to become a Nun as she is a catholic. Ben also recieves Alfie's rent for the past two years. Michael finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and plans to get engaged to her, only to find themselves robbed by her and her family. It also sees Michael and Alfie become friends. The series also saw the return of Alexander Casey, Ben and Susan's nemesis (this time Ben runs him over).



[1] See Others for details.

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