Relationship Happens
Episode No.   Series
116 11x06 Eleven
Original Air Date
29th July 2011 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Ed Dyson
Directed By
Ed Bye
Chronological Information
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Relationship Happens was scheduled as the 6th episode of Series Eleven. Although due to "A Night Out" having been postponed, and not having been broadcast on TV, it could now be classed as the 5th episode.


  • Martin Ball as Robin
  • Javone Prince as Matt
  • Chris Pavlo as Mat at Retreat


  • Director - Ed Bye
  • Producer - John Bartlett
  • Writer - Ed Dyson


Ben and Susan go off to a couples' retreat for a weekend - at which they prove to be less than ideal guests. Back at home, Michael is devastated when new boyfriend Matt dumps him for being a geek - then he is dealt an even further blow when Janey remains friends with his ex. But the triangle proves to be more Bermuda than eternal.


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  • Nick is mentioned, Susan suggests that closing her eyes and hoping for the best resulted in him.


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