Nick's Flat
Nickben flat
Nick and Ben in the flat


Chisick, London, UK


The Landlord (never seen)
Nick Harper
Ben Harper (pays the rent)

No. of rooms

1 Open plan room
1 Bathroom

Nick's Flat is where Nick lived at the end of Series 3 and the start of Series 4, following Ben's decision to throw him out of the family home. However, in Of Mice and Ben Susan lets him move back home.

Nick's TenureEdit

To start off with Nick himself pays for the flat's rent, however following the loss of his job Ben paid the rent (to stop Nick moving back home). While Nick lives there he treat's it like the perfect flat, even imposing his own rules (to which Ben tells him that he constantly broke the rules at home). In The Great Escape, Ben comes round to the flat to get away from Grace. The next day Ben, Michael, Fiona and Abi come round, however they are found by Susan. Soon, however, it became apparent that Nick did not like being away from home and thought that the Nursery was like throwing him out of the home (despite the fact that Ben had already kicked him out). Susan decided to let Nick move back home and says she will tell Ben later, and once he finds out he is annoyed, as he had done lots of work for the new nursery.

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