My Family
100x100-11th series
Series 9 (Special) - 11 Titles (2009-2011)

Created by

Barron, Fred

Directed by

Taylor, Baz
Sandrich, Jay
Humphreys, Dewi
Phillips, Nic
Bye, Ed


Lindsay, Robert
Wanamaker, Zoe
Marshall, Kris
Denby-Ashe, Daniela
Thomson, Gabriel
Hayes, Siobhan
Self, Keiron
Meilir, Rhodri
Marshall, Tayler

Opening theme

"My Family" by Jarvis, Graham

No. of Episodes

120 (List of Episodes)

Running Time

111 x 30 minutes
3 x 50 minutes
4 x 60 minutes
1 x 15 minutes

Production Company

Rude Boy Productions
DLT Entertainment LTD.

Broadcast Channels

BBC One (2000-2011)
BBC One HD (2010-2011)

Original Airing

First run:
19 September 2000 - 24 December 2004
Second run:
25 December 2005 - 2 September 2011


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