Michael Harper
Michael Harper

Portrayed by


Scott Marsh

Last appearance

Michael's Flat



Date of Birth:




Parents + Grandparents

Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Grace Riggs


Nick Harper
Janey Harper


Kenzo Harper

Other Relatives

Richard Harper (1st cousin, once removed)
Abi Harper (2nd cousin)
Fiona (Romance)
Scott Marsh (Romance)

Michael Harper is Ben and Susan's unplanned third and youngest child, the younger brother of Nick and Janey and the uncle of Kenzo.

At the start of the show Michael was a typical 'geek' who was highly intelligent if sometimes naive, and exhibited a strong sense of morality and integrity, attempting to win the election for student president by honest means. However as the show went on and he matured he became very interested in the opposite sex and developed something of a dark, cynical sense of humour. He has displayed Machiavellian tendencies in his dealing with others and has demonstrated excellent skill as a businessman. As a teenager he is usually well-dressed, differing from his more geeky persona at the start of the series. Michael used to have a crush on Abi in series 3. He is something of a black sheep of the Harper family, differing considerably from his relatives.

As the youngest member of the Harper family, he was at secondary school until series 6. When the eighth series began, Michael had been at University for six months. He is also known for being a supporter of the Conservative Party (as opposed to his Labour Party father), Ben also likes to refer to him as "Mikey."

In the second episode of series 10 (The Son'll Come Out) Michael comes out as gay to his parents, first to Ben after coming home drunk then later to Susan. He then tells them that he has been in a relationship with a guy for some time, a 25 year old solicitor called Scott Marsh, who later moves into the Harper residence, though he is later seen in gay clubs picking up guys and giving out his number, suggesting that he and Scott have broken up, but they later get back together.

He is now engaged to Scott marsh and known as Mr and Mr Marsh

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