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'My Family' is a British Sitcom on the Harper family.

Combining the different personalites of each character that creates the issue's that occur in this family.

Ben Harper - A sarcastic, negative husband of Susan Harper and father of Nick, Janey and Michael. Later on becoming grandfather of Kenzo - Janey's son at 19 years. He is NOT the person to turn to when you want advice or help.

Ben Harper

Susan Harper - A controlling, at-time wise, (also) saracastic wife and mother, to grandmother thanks to Janey. She is a person you turn to for help but not if you have a serious problem of humiliation of yourself, she can apparently be overly protective and a "control-freak".


Susan Harper

Nick Harper - The overly positive, idiotic eldest of Ben and Susan Harper. He has a problem with staying in one job or even trying to be hired. He enjoy's making Ben uncomfortable sometimes and scares both Ben & Susan by providing them the honest answer to everything. Janey Harper - A fashion loving, opinionated only daughter of Ben and Susan. She isn't the most successful in the relationship department and goes through many males in just a week. She is also the mother of Kenzo, which she had at 19 with one of her many boyfriends, by accident of course.

Nick Harper

Michael Harper - A smart, cunning youngest of Ben and Susan - including the fact he was an accident. In the beginning, he was a geekish, know-it-all then as he grew up, turning into a flirtasious, dark humoured young adult.

Abi Harper -

Janey Harper (right) with Susan (left).

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