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Ho Ho No is the 2007 My Family Christmas Special.

Series Name
Season Seven, Episode Ten
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Air date 26th December 2007
Written by Tom Anderson
Directed by Baz Taylor
Episode Guide
Life Begins At Fifty
The Parent Trap


Susan tells Ben that she has planned his perfect Christmas, a quiet stay at a country hotel without the children. However, she has secretly invited the whole family, and Alfie turns up with his strange uncle and Michael brings his Communist girlfriend Gwen Amy Noble. Susan tries to ensure that Ben does not see the rest of the family, which proves difficult when Abi, who has become the hotel's massage therapist, has to give him a massage. Later that evening, Crystal, one of Ben's patient's who is stalking him, turns up saying her fiance has just escaped from prison and is coming to kill Ben, and a mysterious man (John Challis) who says he is an actor playing Jacob Marley turns up. Susan and Ben then run round the hotel trying to hide from the fiance, and soon Ben sees that the whole family is there. Gwen's father then turns up. Later, when Ben goes to Reception, the Police tell him that Crystal's fiance has been caught. When he and the rest of the family go back into the main hall it has been mysteriously decorated and Christmas presents placed on the floor.



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