Dental Sugery
Benroger surgery
Ben and Roger at the surgery


Chiswick, London, UK


Ben Harper (ground floor surgery)
Mr. Beamish (first floor surgery)[1]
Roger Bailey (basement sugery)[2]

No. of rooms

3 main surgery rooms[3]
3 reception offices[3]

The Dental Sugery is a secondary location and is where Ben and Roger work. In the first series Brigitte McKay worked here to and Mr Beamish worked there until his death in Series Four.


Series OneEdit


Ben and Brigitte at work

In the First series Brigitte McKay worked as Ben's Dental Assistant, who had only just started working their, and also stated that it was no wonder the last Assisstant left (due to Ben's hostile attitude).

Series TwoEdit

In the Second series Ben goes through lots of Dental Assistants, and one, Mr Davies was a Dentist who had studied for five years and failed the final exam was really annoying Ben (who sacked him with just a look), and was slightly neglecting some of his Assistant roles. Next he had an Assistant who talked weirdly and took forever to hang up on the phone to her boyfriend, she probably got fired by annoying Ben.
Hilliard Surgery

Mr Hilliard in the Surgery

After that a man called Mr Hilliard was waiting in the surgery for Ben to arrive, and had come dressed like Hitler, and Ben did not hire him and Hilliard thought that it was because of his height. Following that he had a Dental Assistant who had worked with her husband as a Dental Assistant, but had been cast aside and her husband ran off with a younger Assistant, and got into the idea that Ben was like her husband who was going to run off with a younger Assistant (this caused Ben to sack her). Moving on from that he got a Dental Assistant who was obviously scared of seeing blood, and made it seem as though the patient had loads of blood coming out of his mouth, and tried to help Ben by keeping her eyes shut (but this failed and she fainted and got fired). Ben then had Mrs Nancy, an elderly woman who kept falling asleep and got fired (hopefully in the nicest way possible). To replace Mrs Nancy, Moo was sent by Mr Smith (a criminal), to help Ben (as he thought Ben was an artist in Dentistry) although he didn't really help at first. Next he got a Dental Assistant who was rather religious and agreed with Ben's idea to get a family bench. Finally he got a super efficient Assistant who was very organised, but was over organised and inadvertently forced Ben to meet up with Andy Banks.

Series ThreeEdit

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Series FourEdit

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Series FiveEdit

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Series SixEdit

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Series SevenEdit


Ben preparing for Surgery

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Series EightEdit

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Series NineEdit

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Series TenEdit

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Series Twelve (Transcripts)Edit

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  1. in Fitting Punishment he dies, Ben believes that he was the perfect neighbour as they didn't socialise
  2. however it is unknown whether or not he owns the first floor surgery
  3. 3.0 3.1 Unknown if the basement surgery actually exist, or if the fact Roger brought this surgery was for comedic purposes only
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