Series Name
Season Four, Episode Seven
My Family all wrapped up
Air date 2nd May 2003
Written by Andrea Solomons
Directed by Dewi Humphreys
Episode Guide
Friday the 31st
Blind Justice is the seventh episode of Series Four.


Susan gets hysterical blindness after seeing Michael in bed with a girl called Fiona (Rachel Harvey), and it will not go until Michael says nothing happened. Meanwhile, Ben is on jury duty and is hassled by a busybody fellow juror called Joanna Elton-Johns (Sylvestra Le Touzel), and Nick becomes a "wrapping artist" and wraps everything up in brown paper.


Ben is on jury duty and Susan is jealous. While doing housework she drops off some clean laundry in Michael's room. Pulling back the bed covers she finds not just Michael but a girl lying there with him. Susan goes into shock and suffers an attack of 'hysterical blindness'.

Meanwhile things are not going well for Ben either. He has been called for jury duty on a vandalism trial where an employee has run amok with a haddock. Ben's hopes at a quick verdict are dashed by the overbearing fore-woman Joanna Elton-Johns. She is not impressed when Ben introduces himself as Ben Judy-Garlands.

Nick has aspirations to be the next Christo - the famous artist who wraps buildings in material. To get started he's wrapped the furniture in brown paper.

Abi tries to help the still-blind Susan navigate her way around the house using smells. Nick tells Michael that he shouldn't feel bad about making their mum go blind as the important thing is that he 'scored'.

The second day of jury duty is no better than the first. Elton-Johns is such a stickler for the rulebook that they have to vote on what to have for lunch. Later that night, after negotiating the newly Nick-wrapped corridors, Ben speaks to Michael. He reasons that 'if you're mature enough to have sex, you're mature enough to lie about it'. To Ben's annoyance Michael finally reveals that nothing actually happened - Susan's interruption served to kill the mood.

On the last day of jury duty Ben makes an impassioned speech for a guilty verdict on the haddock sabotage case. To back his argument he has called in Exhibit A - the rancid stinking fish. Elton-Johns is not amused and knocks him out with it.

Susan and Michael have a heart to heart. Susan recovers her vision and all seems well with her faculties until Michael tells her he will wait until his wedding night - 'just like you did Mum'. This last bit of cheek renders her deaf.


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