Abi Therese Bernarde Bailey (née Harper)
Abi Harper

Portrayed by



First seen

Desperately Squeaking Susan

Last seen

The Abi Habit (2008)

Date of birth



Richard Harper
Shelley Harper


Roger Bailey jnr.

Baby son

Andrew song


No information

Abigail Bailey (née Harper; born 1982) is Ben's first cousin once removed.

Her father, Richard Harper, is Ben's cousin and she has been married and divorced five times. Her mother, Shelley, has been married and divorced many times, too. Abi came into the Harper household in the third episode of the third series to stay with them while she was at college. Susan invited her to stay following Janey's departure to University. Although good natured, Abi is very accident - prone, especially in the earlier series, where she puts her hand through a window, and hits Ben around the head with a cricket bat, thinking he was an intruder.

She has tried a variety of different jobs such as a salesperson, a car mechanic and a Victorian Hussy at the London Dungeon, which led her to dismantling Ben's car and leaving it in pieces on the kitchen table. Abi had a few boyfriends, before finally falling in love with Roger Bailey and agreeing to marry him. They married in the seventh series, with Janey as bridesmaid and Ben as best man. She is a Catholic, and, in the final episode of series eight, "The Abi Habit", she leaves Roger to become a nun.

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